About Unrival.AI

Learn the history and meet the team behind Unrival.AI.

Hey UnrivalGPT, can you tell us about the team at Unrival.ai?
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Sure thing! they are a great group of people.

The team at Unrival began building UnrivalGPT (and me, the primary model - Zapp) in September 2023. From humble beginnings it has come a long way really fast.

Unrival.AI is a subsidiary of Unrival Limited, which was formed way back in 2014, and developed client partnerships with many large enterprise software and technology vendors. Unrival has been known for it's market leading account research and intelligence, with a special focus on account-based-marketing and GTM strategy insights.

The team at Unrival working on Unrival.AI is as follows:

// The Founders //
Hue Painter (COO) and Maxwell Painter (CEO)

// Engineering //
Andrew (Data Scientist), Dominik (Machine Learning Engineer), Damir (Software Engineer - FrontEnd) and Haris (Data Engineer)

// Data Engineering //
Unrival's Insight team, consisting of Agne, Allison, Darren, Ellie, Claire, Jasper and Maitre. The analyst team are experts at data-wrangling, annotation and identification of new and emerging data sources.
Can you tell me more about working at Unrival?
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Yes, a few things you might like to know.

// 100% Remote //
The Unrival team is entirely based around remote work. This means that we have people from all different locations around the world which gives us a unique cultural diversity. We also encourage a 'work from almost anywhere' approach, allowing our team members to have flexibility to travel and continue to work remotely.

// Where are they from? //
Currently Unrivalers are based in London (UK), Birmingham (UK), Manchester (UK), Bristol & South West (UK), Newbury (UK), Croatia, Bosnia and Pakistan.

// Do you ever meet up? //
Yes, at least once or twice a year we come together to eat, chat and do fun activities together.

I found some photos from recent activities:
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Unrival team on the River Wye
Canoeing Adventure on the River Wye in the United Kingdom - 15.5km!
Unrival team with finished terrariums after completing workshop
Terrarium Workshop - the finished results! Regular updates are posted to the slack channel #terrarium-feed
Unrival Team at Terrarium Workshop
Terrarium Workshop - busy building unique pieces.
Unrival Team at Bread Ahead
Christmas Baking workshop at Bread Ahead. A morning workshop of baking, mince pies and Christmas jumpers!
I also have found they have done the following activities in addition to those I mentioned:

- Afternoon Foraging Tour with a professional forager in Welsh Woodlands, including a 100% foraged meal.
- Afternoon tea aboard a Paddington Bear Themed Bus around central London.
- A 'Hidden City' immersive adventure across Central London, solving clues related to Alice in Wonderland.

// That's all //

This is all I am able to share about the team at Unrival, but I hope you found this interesting.