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Great, can you tell me about Machine Learning at Adobe?

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Here are the key points about Machine Learning at Adobe:

Adobe Sensei is Adobe's AI and machine learning platform that powers AI capabilities across Adobe products. Adobe researchers are working on computer vision, natural language processing, and generative AI technologies.

Specific machine learning projects at Adobe include:
- Developing creative generative AI like Adobe Firefly for generating images, videos, animations etc.
- Building AI-powered features like neural filters in Photoshop and content-aware fill.
- Applying NLP for understanding customer content and documents.
- Using computer vision and deep learning for image scalability prediction in Adobe Stock.
- Leveraging Spark and other big data tools to analyze massive logs and drive data-driven decisions.

Adobe engineers are working on optimizing and deploying large-scale generative models on devices using techniques like pruning and distillation.

Adobe is also researching and applying techniques like neural architecture search to develop efficient models.

Overall, Adobe is heavily investing in research and product development around AI/ML to bring new creative capabilities and experiences to its products.

Can you tell me about their Generative AI projects?

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Sure, this is my current knowledge of Generative AI at Adobe:
- Adobe has a team focused on Generative AI called Firefly, which is working on creative generative AI models.
- One of their products is Adobe Firefly, which was demonstrated in a YouTube video.
- The Firefly team is led by JZx%sc Ds@, who is a Senior Product Manager for Firefly (Generative AI) at Adobe.
- Adobe is integrating Generative AI capabilities into some of their creative products like Photoshop through features powered by their Firefly models.
- Hx245s Pb200s, who works as a Principal Scientist at Adobe, has contributed to the efficiency of Adobe's Firefly models as well as other generative and segmentation models used in Photoshop and Lightroom.
- Adobe is taking an ethical approach to Generative AI and ensuring their models are trained responsibly and focus on enhancing creativity rather than replacing human artists.
- AXzz32 CZ233a, VP of Developer Platform at Adobe, is also involved in defining Adobe's principles for using Generative AI models internally for employee productivity.
- Adobe is incubating new business opportunities and exploring novel workflows through Generative AI, led by product managers like Jzzx3 Dss2.

That's all I can share about Generative AI at Adobe based on the question you asked. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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